There are innumerable resources related to creativity.  Below are just a few I've found to be particularly helpful in planning my courses and growing as a creative professor.


Amazon is rife with books on creativity.  I have learned a great deal from books centered on boosting creative confidence, creative team dynamics, the creative process, and creative exercises.

Just as there are thousands of wonderful books on creativity, so are there fantastic videos.  Most of my favorites are TED talks.  They're just the right duration for a video and discussion in a 50-minute class or video, discussion, and a coordinated exercise in a 75-minute class.

While there are many websites devoted to creativity in k-12 classrooms, there are relatively few devoted to higher ed.  Here are a few I frequent.

A wealth of information has been published regarding creativity in the classroom.  The following articles are specific to higher education environments. Full-text links have been provided when possible.