A while back I came across a terrible problem in one of my Honors courses.  I had just watched Sir Ken Robinson's TED talk, "Do Schools Kill Creativity?" and decided I'd have my students produce some sort of creative product.  I left the assignment wide open and told them they could do anything they wished, but I'd need something in order for them to get an 'A'.  Not five minutes after that class ended I received an email, in a rather angry tone, from a young lady telling me how unfair this was and how I was going to single-handedly "decimate her gpa" and cause her to lose her scholarship.  Another young man came to me with tears in his eyes. Naturally, I thought to myself, "Holy crap!!!  They NEED this assignment!"

I recognized the need because not long ago, I would have seen eye-to-eye with them.  Had someone told me, "Risa, you need to let your guard down, experiment a bit in the classroom, be creative", I would have had a similar reaction.

College students frequently do not consider themselves creative beings.  This is terribly unfortunate!  Not only does the current workforce demand a creative mindset, but creativity is fundamental to a productive and fulfilling life and the college years are a perfect time to rediscover and nurture creativity.  

University professors have sets of demands that often encumber their ability to express creativity in their work, as well. Some of the challenges may come from their institution while I strongly believe most come from within.

Through this site I aim to provide a context for creativity in the university classroom.  I have taught seminars in creativity and infused all of my courses with elements necessary to foster creative confidence. I will share my strategies to enhance a culture of creativity in any college classroom.  Here you'll find ways to improve the creative mindset of the instructor as well as the student, activities designed to promote the various facets of creativity, and resources to assist the professor along a journey of creative exploration. It is also my aim to make this site a repository for ideas, experiences, and perspectives shared by others.  So, please, share the site and share your thoughts!

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